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About Lifestyle Chiropractic

Lifestyle Chiropractic was set up in April 2005 by Amanda Hensman MSc DC, Doctor of Chiropractic.

Amanda obtained her first degree in Eastbourne, where she undertook a BSc in Sport Science at Brighton University. After taking some to investigate the options regarding how she was to continue her journey into investigation of the human body, she then decided to refine her skills and so undertook an MSc in Chiropractic at the University of Surrey, graduating in February 2000.

Since qualification she has worked in three different practices, and parts of the country. Her first job

as in Lincoln, her home town, where she stayed for two years, building up a full patient list from scratch.

On branching out from Lincoln, Amanda went to Warwick, where she worked in clinics in Warwick itself and also in Stratford. Here she took over an existing base, and furthered her experience, and also her learning. Chiropractors are required to fulfill a strict regime of continuing professional development (CPD), thus enhancing and renewing knowledge, and keeping up to date with new developments within the chiropractic world, amongst others.

Next, after having visited Cornwall, and also deciding the time had come to develop more experience elsewhere, Amanda found and took a position in Truro, hoping to stay in Cornwall on a more permanent basis.

Throughout her time in the above clinics, Amanda saw a gap in the care she was giving. The majority improved, but some only short-term - so she set about finding ways to fill this gap. Experiencing different practices and finding new techniques helped to do this. She set up Lifestyle Chiropractic, with a view to enhancing the lifestyle/well-being aspect of chiropractic care:

  • Ergonomics at work and home/Posture
  • Exercise Regimes
  • Nutrition
  • Stress Control

Amanda continues to specialize in Sports Injuries, as well as Structural Rehabilitation, and general Well-being.

News and events

Apr 22, 2014, Cornwall Home Show

See us at the Health and Wellbeing section of the fabulously popular Cornwall Home Show, this year at Royal Cornwall Events centre.

Come and say hello, and get your free screen by saying the codeword to any one of us for a free screen!

Codeword is "Doris"

Apr 10, 2014, Keep Kids Moving

Chiropractic Awareness Week this year is about keeping kids moving.

  • More than one in seven (15%) parents said their son’s or daughter’s back or neck pain is a result of using a laptop, tablet or computer.
  • The research revealed that almost three quarters (68%) of 11 to 16 year olds spend up to four hours a day on a laptop, tablet or computer and a staggering 73% spend up to six hours on the devices.

Amanda Hensman, owner at Lifestyle Chiropractic says that "we are seeing more and more children, and alot of their issues are relating to inactivity and technology usage. We are encouraging everyone to get out and get active this Easter, our aim is to help prevent problems in the longer term"

Call for a free screen appointment for your children this Easter:)


01872 224011

Lifestyle Chiropractic encourage you to get active over Easter…