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About The Clinic

Mission Statement:

"Our caring, enthusiastic team are committed to providing excellence in Chiropractic care. This allows us to support our patients, their families and friends in reaching and maintaining optimum health, thus facilitating an improved quality of life."

Lifestyle Chiropractic aims to provide a relaxed setting in which patients can feel at ease, whilst experiencing, and understanding, quality Chiropractic care.


The Clinic has the slightly unusual setting of being on an Industrial Estate. This was carefully planned in an attempt to reduce the problems caused by traffic in the centre of Town, and to allow on-site parking - somewhat of a rarity in and around Truro. This is important, not only to provide a less stressful experience to patients, but to allow smooth running during clinic opening hours thus reducing the time patients are kept waiting.

Serviced offices allow Lifestyle Chiropractic to focus on patient care.



The SAM (Spinal Analysis Machine) is about documenting postural distortion. It's about visually explaining posture, balance and performance and how you can help, i.e. to explain the relationship of posture to injury prevention.

'Better than 90% of the energy output of the brain is used in relating the physical body in its gravitational field. The more mechanically distorted a person is the less energy available for thinking, metabolism and healing." Roger Sperry PhD.

Posture is the window to balance; Balance is the key to a strong and healthy musculo-skeletal system, peak performance and increased energy.

How the Body gets out of balance:

Injury: particularly those that heal wrong.
Developmental conditions: overuse of certain muscles with failure to maintain the strength/ration balance of the opposing muscles.
Genetic/Anatomical deficiencies: short leg, fallen arches, asymmetrical shaped vertebra or pelvis.

By assessing the equality of weight bearing through each foot, and therefore each side of the body, the SAM can show indications for the abovementioned conditions. Also, using a system of plumb-lines to assess pelvis/shoulder/ear level an impression of the general condition of the spine/body can be formed. If any conditions are suspected, then further investigation may be warranted in order to confirm this.

SAM can also be used to assess progress.

The clinic opened in April 2005, and is already a hive of activity.